Robet Shackles wrote:

                                                                         This was a special tank designed for island invasion—it was an Amphibious tank [AM PHIB] we called it. The darn thing could be completely submerged in water which
it often was when “the landing craft tanks” [LSTs] couldn’t get beyound the coral reefs and it would come right on out to the beach.   It was completely water proof and during the rainy season in May on Okinawa it proved to be a mud hog.  It was also equipped with a flame thrower [zippo] we called it and the carrier on the rear held three tanks of [zippo] fuel.  It was also used to shuddle [Re-Pos] replacement troops to the front.  The only problem with it was it squeaked so bad the enemy could hear it coming.  It was better than the  light infantry tank and some were equiped with [ATs] anti-tank armour piercing 75mms. that could knock out a  tank at a couple thousand yrds.   Seeing this equipment  again [even in a pic] is very exciting for me.   I can tell you some mean tales about this baby.